About Arlette Anastas

121021ArletteArlette Anastas, wife and mother of five, lives with her family in Bethlehem. Her husband George is an auto mechanic. With the extended family, they operated shops on the ground floor of their house near Rachel’s tomb. One day in 2002, the Separation Wall went up around three sides of their house. When that happened, customers from Jerusalem were cut off, and the shops closed. George continued as a mechanic in another part of town. In recent years, the old shops were replaced with gift shops; Arlette has a gift shop in what used to be the auto repair garage. Tourists from around the world visit Arlette’s shop when they come to see what life is like next to the Wall.

Arlette and George are proud of their steadfast resolve to remain in their homeland even if they don’t like living behind the Separation Wall. Always positive, Arlette and George looked for ways over the Wall. As Palestinian Christians, they embarked on making baptism garments that could be sent all over the world from the town where Jesus was born. They are happy to share their faith and culture in such a meaningful way.

Children in Australia, England, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Norway, Sweden, and the USA have been baptized or dedicated in garments provided by Arlette.